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Tanner EDA Software Tools - W-Edit Waveform Analysis for Analog IC & Mixed Signal Design

Waveform Analysis Platform

  • Not just a waveform viewer but a robust analysis tool
  • Built-in measurements:
    • max, min, average, intersect, rms, over/undershoot, amplitude, error, crossing, delay, period, frequency, rise/falltime, jitter, pulse width, settling time, integral, derivative, duty cycle, and slew rate
  • Easily apply measurements to selected traces
  • Use measurements in annotation text and to position annotations, cursors, etc.


Capability enhancements include:

  • Arithmetic traces and Trace calculator
  • Measurements
  • Dynamic annotations
  • Scripting

UI enhancements include:

  • High performance Trace Navigator
  • Drag & Drop to add, move, or remove traces
  • Select traces to apply measurements
  • Trace aliases for legends, formulas, etc.

Usability enhancements include:

  • Save/restore chartbooks
    • Chartbooks contain chart definitions, arithmetic trace definitions, measurement definitions ... everything except data
  • Handle large (10GB) data files

Link to the T-Spice Datasheet

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