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Tanner EDA Mixed-Signal Design Flow

Tanner EDA Mixed-Signal Design Flow


Mixed-signal designs are growing in complexity due to increasing functionality and capability being required from integrated circuits. At the same time, business pressures are requiring designers to shorten time to market and reduce re-spins. While a number of EDA tool providers offer software for creating analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) designs, they either come at high cost (low price-performance ratio) or are bespoke point tools; requiring much data manipulation and manual integration.

The Tanner EDA HiPer Simulation AMS and HiPer Silicon AMS offerings each provide a cohesive, integrated Mixed-Signal Design flow that offers compelling price-performance and productivity. HiPer Simulation AMS is a front-end design suite that includes schematic capture, Verilog-AMS co-simulation with T-Spice and Riviera-PRO TE and waveform analysis.  HiPer Silicon AMS includes backend and physical verification tools; covering schematic capture to tape-out. These seamless solutions brings together leading tools within the EDA ecosystem from renowned tool suppliers including:

  • Tanner EDA

  • Aldec, and

  • Incentia Design Systems.

Click this link to view the datasheet for HiPer Simulation AMS.

Click this link to read an SoC Central article about the Tanner AMS solution.

Click this link to view an online video demonstration of HiPer Simulation AMS; the latest mixed-signal design and simulation suite from Tanner EDA and Aldec, Inc.



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